Some compassion and optimism won't hurt the news media!

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"Compassionate" and "optimistic" is not usually an adjective used to describe journalists. Both reasons why the public distrust the media in the Haiman text for this week can be addressed by some compassion. The public does not like when reporters prey on the weak or only report bad news. I don't blame them! All that reporters need is a little more compassion and optimism.

I'm not sure that most reporters prey on the weak intentionally but it definitely is a problem. The plan and rules listed in Haiman were beyond reasonable. Children, families of victims, and the victims themselves do not deserve to be treated in the same manner as a politician or other public figure. Reporters should be trained to deal with distraught victims and children in a respectful and compassionate way. Clearly, journalists must be ready for any situation. 

Bad news is prevalent in the world today, and it is obviously easier to present in an interesting manner than good news. Good news, however, is just as important. It's clear that the public wants good news, and good news exists. It might take a little bit more work to present good news engagingly, but in the long run, it's worth the gain in public opinion. Obviously bad news cannot be ignored, but it need not be the only news, and as the text said, it can be kept in proportion. The public deserves the full story in context. A little bit of optimism never hurt anyone. 

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