October 14, 2004

He's not prejudiced, he hates everyone.

A few day's ago, we had some students (Paul Crossman, Diana Geleskie, and Amanda Cochran) present "The Devil's Dictionary". They all did really well and it was great how all three took a different point of view. Of course, it was a typical day in class and there was NO agreement and an "argument" ensued.

While I read "The Devil's Dictionary," I was more amused than offended by Bierce's outlook on life. Apparently, though, a good many got angry. Here's my way to see Bierce's work: he didn't hate anyone or anything in particular, he just hated everything equally. That's not to say he hated life, but he just saw things how they were; Bierce stated the obvious and people got pissed off that he told the truth. I wrote a blog earlier when I was first getting into "Devil's" and I said some things that were pretty stupid. I got the feeling that Bierce was this disgruntled old man that was mad at the world; after class, though, I see that's not right. Ambrose Bierce had a knack for showing people for what they truly are. He didn't necessarily believe these thoughts, but he seemed to enjoy playing devil's advocate (thanks to whoever said that in class!) He uses humor to communicate his findings and I think that's what truly upsets people; he's so blunt about the way things are, but instead of just coming right out saying what he feels, he cracks jokes. I find it amusing and refreshing, maybe because I know what an idiot I am most of the time.
C'mon people, lighten up...nobody's perfect and if you can't find your own faults and laugh at them, then you're missing out. I've just learned to face it: girls are dumb, men are pigs, and as long as we know this, the world continues to go 'round.

Posted by KatherineLambert at October 14, 2004 01:05 AM


That's an interesting point that you came up with. Instead, of just being mad at Bierce for stating that he had some sort of a "grudge" against women, you are saying that he is a "mad man" in general. Well, that's pretty good assumption. He was angry at the whole world, so he decided to write this dictionary. This is a good thought, just by stating that he is mad and crazy, might bring down the discussion of why he wrote this text. Expresssing your opinion is fine, but I don't think people should agrue about it in great lengths.


Posted by: NabilaUddin at October 14, 2004 04:00 PM
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