October 28, 2004

Uncle Remus and John Henry

I'm supposed to do my panel for Am. Lit. on Monday, so I read through both the John Henry and Uncle Remus links. Hmm, maybe I should have picked a different panel.

When I chose my panel, I didn't do much initial research, but just picked a topic that looked fun. I love folklore and tall tales, so I thought the John Henry and Uncle Remus stories would pretty easy and fun. Shouldn't I know by now that nothing in college is easy? I was under the impression that there was an actual, written-down version of the John Henry tale, but apparently it is an oral legend that has stemmed quite a few songs, but no "story." I still have some more research to do, but I'm really at a lost of what to do.

I tried reading through the Br'er Rabbit tales...I just got a headache. I can hardly understand what Uncle Remus is saying. This is the same trouble I had with Huckleberry Finn; both authors tried to accurately portray the characters language and speech style, but all they accomplished with me was confusion. I stumbled my way through Harris' works, but there is no way I am talented/equipped enough to present this to the class. I may get up there on Monday and make a fool of myself, but I'm at least going to have some correct and well laid out information. I guess I'm stuck with ol' John. Let's just hope this works.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my presentation? What would you like to see me do?

Posted by KatherineLambert at October 28, 2004 01:26 PM
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