September 16, 2005

"Machinal" II

I wasn't going to post this, but I am pretty proud of this response.

YOUNG WOMAN: First – I tried to make things clean.

This line encompasses one of the most important themes of this play. The young woman is so preoccupied with her hands and keeping things neat. After all, she slept with rubber gloves on her hands to keep them soft and clean. Even when after her baby is born, she shows no motherly instinct; she cannot even bring herself to feed her daughter.
Helen likes her life a particular way; however, her life never turns out as she plans. Finally, with the planning and execution of her husband’s murder, she has control. After her deed is completed, she admits she tried to clean up the mess, literally. Lorin comments on her blog that the bottle she kills her husband with is symbolic of her “bottled up” feelings. I’m taken with the concept that the young woman keeps everything neat and tidy inside of her mind, just like the bottle holds the stones. Ironically, the young woman snaps, and all of her pent up anger pours out, just as the bottle shatters over her husband’s head.

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