October 09, 2005

Homecoming Article

Pep and Spirit are Lacking at Seton Hill

When Dave Falletta, graduate resident director of Seton Hill University, arrived at SHU’s first pep rally last Thursday he stated aloud to the crowd, “This is the lamest bonfire ever.” This comment represented the general feeling of the entire event.

Jimmy Pirlot, master of ceremonies, welcomed everyone and announced the homecoming weekend events. Pirlot used a microphone, but the low- quality sound system made it difficult to hear. Several members of the crowd stated that they could not hear Pirlot. One student said, “No one’s even listening. I can’t hear at all. This thing [pep rally] is pretty sad.”

Although the estimated 30-40 people attended, many attendees were disappointed in the festivities. The cheerleading squad performed three cheers and a dance, and one representative from the football spoke. Renee Belville said, “The football team should have been announced. It probably would have taken awhile, but I think it would have added a nice touch. All in all, this isn’t a very exciting pep rally.”

According to Lauren Bradley, co-captain of the cheerleading squad, the pep rally was specifically for the football team, but all athletic teams were invited via email. Very few representatives from other athletics were in attendance. When golfer, Chelsea Spencer, was asked about the invitation she said, “I knew about the pep rally, but I didn’t get an invitation. I thought it was only for the football team.”

Paul Crossman, of the tennis team, and a representative from the equestrian team also commented about not being invited. “We were invited?” Crossman stated.

One spectator said, “I didn’t even know there was a pep rally tonight. I was just walking by, and saw the people and the food. There wasn’t any announcement for this at all.” The cheerleaders did hand a sign announcing date and time, but the sign fell and was never replaced.

Some fans wondered about the lack of interest. An anonymous bystander said, “Where are all the people at? This is lame.” Following the main events of the night, the crowd increased. As of 10:15pm, individuals were still seen around the fires.

Katie Manni, a SHU student said, “I thought it would be cool to attend the first ever pep rally. At least there’s food.” Many students were seen stopping solely for food and then leaving. Generally, the crowd just huddled around the fires and ate the supplied food.

When asked about the football team’s involvement in the pep rally, freshman football player, Miguel Gordon, said, “Our coach told us about it. We didn’t have to come, but it was encouraged. There’s about 25 of us here.” There are about 120 football players on the team.

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