October 11, 2005

On & Off the Record

Nancy brings up a good point. One "rule" of journalism that still confuses me is the boundaries of on & off the record. Can everything said be reported? Is the reporter required to share an article before it is read? Is the subject entitled to know what will be included in the article? All of these questions run through my mind as I'm interviewing and writing. For me, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I probably should grow a thicker skin, but if an interviewee comments to me, I make sure they are aware that their words may be published.

I found these sites that are pretty helpful in sorting out the ethics of journalism.

Ethics Essay
This is a funny, quirky essay. I recommend this because it shows the value of ethics, not only for the readers, but also for the reporter.

New York Times Code of Conduct
Here's a checklist the New York Times uses. Maybe we should all just follow their rules!

Ethics Checklist

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