October 11, 2005

Liberals & Conservatives: Can't we all just get along?

Like John, I couldn't resist taking the conservative/liberal quiz on Lou's blog. My score was actually pretty acurate. However, I'm getting a little fed up with the imaginary line (which apparently is illegal to cross) between right-wings & left-wings. Truthfully, I don't know enough about politics or war or poverty to say a lot (that's another thing I can't stand: people talking out of their tooshies about topics they are not informed about), but if an individual can back up their beliefs, more power to them.

I have a friend who is so right-wing that he falls over sometimes, and he feels that anyone who doesn't agree with him is wrong, no questions asked. How does this happen? How can society be so narrow-minded? Yeah, I'm a liberal; I believe in gay-rights, George W. annoys me to no end, and people are entitled to make their own choices. But I'm also a Christian. I believe there is good in us all & I also believe God is probably both laughing and shaking his finger at us. Sure, John has a lot of different views than me, but can he back up his beliefs? Yes. Do I respect him for it? Absolutely.

Like Dr. Klapak has stated, just because my beliefs are different, doesn't mean I'm un-American, I truly have faith that someday, the wall between the crazy, pot-smoking, going to hell, radical, hippie liberals and the right-wing blood conservative, unashamedly born-again radical evangelical Jesus-loving Christians get along.

Your Political Profile

Overall: 15% Conservative, 85% Liberal

Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

How Liberal / Conservative Are You?
Posted by KatherineLambert at October 11, 2005 04:59 PM

Interesting... I took your quiz.

My Political Profile
Overall: 15% Conservative, 85% Liberal
Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

I don't even think I'm liberal though, more of an angry revolutionary, lol. If I had to subscribe to some sort of political ideology, I would have to describe myself as Marxist, with much of my concepts stemming from Socialist thought.

Do Svidania,


Posted by: mike sichok at October 11, 2005 10:37 PM

its now blogs.setonhill.edu/LouGagliardi

the Louis Gagliardi is the old one; Dr. J never fixed the link in NewsWriting--but he did in American Lit. go figure.

Posted by: Lou Gagliardi at October 12, 2005 10:13 AM

I know what your url is, but I wanted to look at your old one.

Posted by: Katie Lambert at October 12, 2005 12:47 PM
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