October 19, 2005

Crime is everywhere!

My best friend Matt is attending law school in Harrisburg & he made a comment the other day that really didn't register until I started the fairy tale/crime report exercise. Matt told me that almost everyday, most people commit a crime. "If people knew about the laws swimming around us, they'd probably never leave the house." Apparently, there are so many laws and technicalities that normal, everyday events and actions could/can be considered illegal. He'd have to give the whole story, but what it basically comes down to is that crime is all around us.

At first I thought this fairy tale exercise was just going to be a normal, cute, fun assignment. Well, it's cute and fun, but it really makes a good point. Something as innocent (although the Grimm's fairy tales aren't the Disney movies we've seen all these years) as a children's story can be seen as a tale of crime and violence. Come to think of it, most of the nursery rhymes I sang as a child are pretty gruesome. There's something to think about.

~Ring Around the Rosey -> Bubonic Plague
~Three Blind Mice & Mary, Mary Quite Contrary -> Bloody Mary
~Old Mother Hubbard -> divorce of Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon

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