October 22, 2005

"The news isn't the truth, and the truth isn't news."

To be honest, "It Ain't Necessarily So" is not one of my reads. I think the authors are (ironically) biased and pompous; to me they sound like they believe they have all the answers. Boy, I wish I was half as smart as Murray, Schwartz, & Lichter. Anyway, although I don't care for the personality of the book and its authors, they do make some good points.

I find it amusing when an individual is discussing a topic or sharing and opinion and, when they are challenged, their repsonse is something like, "But it was on the news." So all the information found in the news is foolproof? Apparently I missed that memo. News, in what ever form, should/can be trusted, but consumers should still be wary. Humans are flawed, so the products we produce (news) may also have mistakes. I don't think everyone should stop reading the paper or watching a news broadcast, but I do think individuals should cautious. Personally, if I am interested in an article or story, I'll research a bit to clarify and verify. I like being informed with the correct information.

One of my favorite statements in our reading's introduction is "The news clearly has a relationship to the truth, but it is never simply equivalant to it." I think this is a good motto to keep in mind when watching the news. We put our faith in journalists and reporters, but we should also rely on ourselves to make sure the news/truth being provided is accurate.

Posted by KatherineLambert at October 22, 2005 04:56 PM
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