October 27, 2005

The lovely ambiguity of the news

"Newspaper reports too seldom make apparent the often deep ambiguity of data."

As I write a paper or news article, I always try to picture someone over my should asking me why or trying to prove me wrong. As long as my literacy conscience keeps me on task with his nagging and questioning, I usually write a fairly informed and substantial piece of work. However, there is always going to be someone who finds something wrong or can prove my claims incorrect. That's just how the literary cookie crumbles. Nothing, including scientific evidence, is foolproof. Facts, even though facts are to be considered unquestionable, leave room for interpretaion. I believe anything (literary texts, news, scientific reviews) have the potential to be analyzed in varying evaluations.

Posted by KatherineLambert at October 27, 2005 08:32 PM
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