November 13, 2005


Although I did feel bad for Troy and his ruined dreams, most of the time he frustrated and disappointed me. He is obviously a strong man because he fought for his promotion at work; so if he is so strong, why couldn't he obey he remain loyal to his wife and resist the tempatation of another woman? If he was generally a weak man, I would probably have more sympathy for him, he's only strong and confident when it suits him and affects him personally. It just makes me so mad and it's so unfair that he was away most of Lyons' life, dashed Cory's dreams, destroyed his marriage, commits his brother, essentially kills his mistress and then he leaves and avoid the cleanup. Yes, I know, death isn't exactly the perfct escape route, but now everyone else must deal with the retributions of his life.

Posted by KatherineLambert at November 13, 2005 11:41 AM


I never thought of it that way. Leaving the earth, others are left to deal with the mistakes that one has made in the past. You shed a crucial light on the situation, Lamb. How are we to deal with the sins of the past when the sinner has disappeared?

Posted by: Katie Aikins at November 25, 2005 01:38 PM
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