November 20, 2005

Reflection of "Kindertransport"

So, in general, I liked the play. I was a little disappointed in SHU's version, but I think I had such a specific idea in my head about how it should be performed, so when I actually saw it, it wasn't what I thought.

The accents were done really well; they obviously put a lot of work into mastering the languages. Truth be told, the German accents seemed more impressive while the English accents were so-so. I really shouln't nit-pick, though, because I know I am not talented enough to handle a task like that.

I was most impressed with the scenary. There was only one scene (of the attic) but the cast and lighting crew did such a fantastic job of being able to transform the stage into any environment without moving a thing. It takes true talent to accomplish something like that.

Posted by KatherineLambert at November 20, 2005 06:56 PM
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