September 29, 2004

Reflections of the Poem

It's over....

If I could redo today, I would not have been sick. I apologize if I lacked volume and if the podium was a distraction. However, had I not been ill, I would have been on my knees on the floor with no podium to interupt my immediate connection and intimacy with the audience. Believe me, I get can get a loud. In addition to this, if I sounded whiny, it is only because I am sick. I try not to sound whiny on a regular basis. The poem went as planned; I wish I would have memorized it and brought a crown as a prop to explain "diadems." Additionally, I wish I had more time to elaborate on the meaning of the poem. However, we have blogs to write about that. I invite everyone to read my previous entry on the unpacking of the poem. And please, feel free to comment if you think there is anything I could do to improve my performance and make poem delivery better for all.

Overall, I was really impressed by all the talent in our class. I really enjoyed Shanna DeFrances's clever use of props and tone inflection, SeAnn Williams made me wonder about going to heaven, congratulations on achieving your goal, SeAnn; and Katie Lambert and co, Renee DeFloria made the most clever use of space that really brought their delivery to life. These are just a few performances that stand out in my mind, but everyone did an excellent job. I am looking forward to the next slam.

Posted by KatieAikins at September 29, 2004 10:41 PM

No worries, Katie, you did a great job! I think next time we should totally "wow" the class by doing a presentation together...two Katies are better than one!! :-)

Posted by: Katie Lambert at September 30, 2004 1:47 PM


My major is Chemistry. It is hard for me to act out the poem, so I would feel comfortable with I present the poem with a partner, so I won't feel reluculant to speak up.


Posted by: Nabila Uddin at October 5, 2004 3:23 PM


You threw that cold out the door when you performed for us. You knew how to get your poem across to the class, and you did. I think that kneeling on the chair was thoughtful, and gave a different view of a character, other than just standing.
And you know, I should have known that was you who asked am I secretly an actress? I am not sure, perhaps I am. I know that I really had a great time infront of our class, though I was nervous. I had the most fun practicing my poem.
Thanks so much for the wonderful praise!

Posted by: ShannaDeFrances at October 6, 2004 10:18 AM


You did a spectacular job. I'm glad you were able to still do the poem you wanted even if it was exactly in the way you wanted. Sometimes the best performances given are those given by the seat of our pants. (My tamburitzan director said that to us a couple years ago.) A few comments. I really really like the way you used your hands to act out the poem. My favorite part had to have been the diadems part. I could just imagine you wearing them, kneeling in front of an alter or in a majestically drapped room in a castle professing your soul to God in the heavens above. Sorry. As far as your volume was concerned...WHO CARES?! The way you expressed the poem gave me the sense that you were reflecting, and when one reflects they don't shout at the top of their lungs, or even speak in a loud tone. Your tone and volumn matched the poem and had we been in a classroom with better acoustics and less distraction noise from the things going along outside I think everyone else would have seen the same thing. All in all. AMAZING JOB!

Posted by: Tiffany at October 6, 2004 10:42 AM