September 7, 2005

Hitting the Links and Tearing Up the Books: Ashley Welker Uncovered -Newswriting

Ashley Welker’s teed off. And not just about the lack of parking or overcrowded cafeteria at Seton Hill – though those do top Ashley’s list of concerns.
“It bothers me: Seton Hill has so much land – and puts in a football field. What about a golf greens for the already established women’s golf team?” said Welker. Golf, along with Pez dispenser collecting, following hockey “because it’s violent,” and being Madonna’s premier fan, fulfills Ashley’s list of hobbies. “If I could start over good, I could make major money,” Welker commented.
Possibly, Welker could trade her chalk and board for spikes and clubs but English education runs through her veins since her mom taught. Ashley models her career move after her mother. “My mother died of breast cancer on August 28, 1993; it is a date I will never forget. It was the saddest moment in my life,” said Ashley. Some of her hard work ethics also comes from her step mother, who works for iSqFt, a construction company, as a manager. “It is refreshing –and an inspiration, to see a woman in a traditionally male dominated field,” stated Welker.
Ashley’s long time confidant, Sarah Rosenberg said, “Ashley will make a great English teacher. She has a zest for learning and can often be found in her room with a book. Sometimes it is a science fiction or fantasy novel, rather than our Shakespeare homework.”
As a teacher, Ashley wants, “to impact children’s lives via mentoring and also encourage them to have fun in what they do. And if I become a club pro, I want to be decent.” This vision spills into her long term goal to be married with two children, traveling, and owning a hairless or a Siamese cat. “I’d like to spend some time in England because it is rich with history of English literature,” Welker commented.
As for a future husband, Ashley’s quiet. Though, she expressed, “The happiest moment in my life? There’s no one specific date – but all my two and a half years with Bradon: he’s the picture of happiness.”
Bradon replied, “I can’t say I disagree. Being with Ashley offers me a whole new perspective on life.”

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