September 22, 2005

Newswriting - Tribune Review, Review

After reading September 20th's issue, and discussing it in class, I was struck by the lack of reader awareness we sometimes have. Jenna O'Brocto shares the same view point; the North Korean article was a bit confusing because readers mightn't know the complete situation, some of the acronyms, the geography/history of the area, etc. It would be nice if international articles were perhaps more thorough. The article did strive to report both sides, however, it was still confusing to less enlightened people.

So this morning I am looking at electronic media, or The Tribune Review online, reading about what may happen to the gas prices. Now, I know it is important for readers to know that gas prices may be on the rise - especially since most people drive gasoline powered cars; however, I would like to see an article someday about diesel fuel. My car runs on diesel, so that would interest me. Major trucks that transport our goods run on diesel, and there could be a trickle down effect in the prices consumers pay for off the shelf items - due to the rising cost of fuel. I could go to the local Mobil station everyday and check, but that wouldn't be efficient. I am wondering why papers don't do complementary pieces - or do they think it is just safe to assume with gas prices rising, diesel will go up, too?

Posted by KatieAikins at September 22, 2005 10:46 AM