September 24, 2005

Reflections on the Informal Presentation

As a veteran presenter of these sorts of presentations, it is still refreshing to deliver pre-paper ideas before classmates in order to get a grasp on where one is going with their thoughts. Overall, I think my group responded positively to the ideas I had for my later paper. I am still waiting to see their suggestions on paper, because they did not really share too many – they just complimented my idea. Hopefully, with paper in hand, I will be able to get a better grasp on the harder issues they want me to re-examine.
Particularly helpful in this class is the fact that the majority of the class is filled with freshmen. These young minds have fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, and often times, are not afraid to contribute to what they think might build a better foundation for one to launch one’s paper from: they are considerate and reflective. From their presentations, I learned many new approaches for themes that I had never considered or connected in the past. For instance, Chera Pupi heavily focused on the CST in Machinal – where Chera saw the CST, I never even thought about it. Kayla Sawyer noted the mistreatment of women in jail/death sentences as compared to men in some of the works we’ve studied. What these ladies pay attention to, and what I pay attention to are drastically different. It is always nice to hear fresh perspectives, and over all, this experience exposed me to new classmates with fresh voices.

Posted by KatieAikins at September 24, 2005 1:18 PM

You know what a fan I am of our "drama kids," so it's not surprise that I really enjoyed our presentation groups. David & I presented on similiar topics, so it was interesting to see someone else's POV.

Posted by: Katie Lambert at September 24, 2005 8:01 PM