September 26, 2005

Newswriting Blog

Newswriting has been more of a challenge to blog for; however, we must perservere. The events that we've covered, the articles we've written, and the readings we've completed all contribute to this blog.

It is how these separate parts combine and function together that makes all of our blogs unique. It is interesting to trace the development of the Newswriting blog compared to the Drama blog: it seems so much easier to blog for Drama because as a Literature major - writing comes more naturally. This condense, condense, condense business really is a challenge. However, my goal is to keep all the Newswriting entries brief and packing quick bursts of knowledge - just like news articles should be written.

So, without further hestitation....

Here is Blogging Portfolio # 1:


Spot News Differences

Tribune Review, Review

How to Report the News

DeChantal Opening

Ashley Welker: Uncovered


Spot News Differences

Ashley Welker: Uncovered


How to Report the News


Spot News Differences

How to Report the News Jenna O'Brocto agrees, and we ponder when we will get such professional freedoms....


this is something we talked about in class - the differences in Spot News

Ashley Welker: Uncovered Dr. Jerz definitely cautioned us not to open the way I opened this (if we were sports writers, that is...)


Jenna O'Brocto points out TV/Trib differences

Jenna covers the finer points of clarity

Katie Lambert and I attended the same function

Encouraging Johanna

Wild Card:


This might sound like a strange entry to pick - however, I feel as though lately all I do is work, work, work....I even have a giant calendar in my room counting down the weeks. It is bittersweet that this is the senior year: I want to move on to grad school; at the same time, I am enjoying the challenge of having all these literature classes at once. In Everyman, although friends might be fleeting in our lives, I've learned an important lesson here at Seton Hill - these friends are the ones that are here to get us through....and I just want to thank all of you - especially the senior English majors. I am looking forward to graduating with you all :) It is really wonderful to be in classes with all of you, everyday and to be greeted with warm and smiling faces. You've helped me keep on track with this crazy schedule, and I couldn't ask for better people to share my time here at Seton Hill. So here is to our senior year: may it be the best ever!

Posted by KatieAikins at September 26, 2005 11:45 PM