October 29, 2005

Portfolio 2

I won't lie about it: I would rather be in our drama class anyday versus some other English classes that I have this semester. I feel as though all of the entries meet the coverage, depth, and timeliness parameter of the blogging portfolio because they are not only included, but they do go into to detail, and these are the entries that we talk about in our classes on the daily. I think they are all equally important, despite of the various length. The entries show the thought and time that go into our drama class. Reading a play is not a superficial act: one can't just read the entire thing in a sitting and walk away with one theme and one theme only. It is hidden within the individual lines that we find interesting and useful truths. These truths are ultimately what prevail when we create our entry because we are close reading lines, rather than just examining the play as a whole. These are the same lines that spark interest and discussion in our class. Please feel free to browse my portfolio and leave comments.

Coverage, Depth, and Timeliness: All of these plays/readings are ones that we have covered in depthly in our class. It is interesting to note, that in class - some sparked more activity than others. What has been your favorite play during this time period?


Fuddy Meers

Cycle Plays

Faustus to 2

Faustus to Finish


Hamlet to Finish

Ophelia...You're Breaking My Heart, You're Shaking My Confidence Daily....

Shakespeare in the Bush

Sure Thing

Glass Menagerie 1

Glass Menagerie 2



Ophelia...You're Breaking My Heart, You're Shaking My Confidence Daily.... Dr. Jerz knows about fallen women. Thanks for sharing!

Both Denamarie and Kevin understand the powertripping that goes on in Hamlet Hamlet

Kevin and Amanda on the church in England.
Faustus to Finish
Amanda, you are well on your way; your blogs are absolutely sparkling and you have nothing to worry about in the future. Kevin, the same goes for you. You constantly contribute to class. I wish you both nothing but the best.

Discussion: Thank you all for being so patient if I am ever slow to respond. It is interesting to see how other people feel about the readings we are doing in class. If there is anything anyone would rather talk - talk about, please, let's discuss in class.

Lorin saw some things differently than I did; perhaps I should not blog when I am in a bad mood...

Thank you for the help, :0) Faustus to 2

Dr. Jerz and Lorin, and I discuss the differences between Catholics and Protestants. Cycle Plays

Getting Fuddy Meers performance perspectives. Thanks, Lorin, and thanks, Lamb, for the sale prices. Fuddy Meers

Kevin, and the warning of Everyman. Everyman


I tell Lamb about foolish pride in Faustus.

Lamb understand the graphic representation of the hell mouth.

Who doesn't love TSF, Lorin? PS - The Sound and the Fury

Sometimes, we have to love the changes on our peers blogs and we have to discuss academics. I love the new format, Kayla, and I love your ideas, too!

Sean knows about peace offerings.

Amanda understand the nature of love in Hamlet.

Amanda Nichols also shared the same view of the mother's love in Kindertransport. It is ashame what parents sometimes go through for their children that goes unrecognized.

Kayla Sawyer also highlighted the undulating waves of their relationships in Kindertransport as compared to the packing motions - which I thought was highly interesting.

Wildcard Since all I do lately is read and read and read - what sort of blog entry would be more fitting?

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