November 25, 2005

News Writing Portfolio 3

This last News writing portfolio is easily the shortest of them all because it focuses solely on the content of We the Media. Unlike portfolios past, the scope of this is much more narrow.

Today, I was perusing Ashley Welker's blog. She offers sage advice to the freshmen, a cautionary note of sorts: never take 8 classes. Ashley, I will second that. Although, I do not have 8 classes I have 7 English classes, and it feels as though, sometimes, I am juggling between the semester's work and studying for the LSATs - all because I want to graduate a year early. Tackling these circumstances is sort of fun; the work is not the problem. The problem is realizing how much Seton Hill actually helps you to grow as a person and form long lasting bonds with the people around you. As most of you freshman know, Katie Lambert and I love you all and wish you the best of luck in the coming years. Just remember, if you ever need help - we're only a phone call away. In you all, I see a closeness and bonds forming that will be certain to last a lifetime. You should be proud of your accomplishments this semester. You made it! I know, I am proud of every single one of you and happy to call you all my friends.

Congratulations everyone on a great fall semester!

I am starting to feel like Dougie Howser, MD, so I am going to end this entry.

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness:

We the Media, Intro, I, II

We the Media, 3-5

We the Media, 6 -7

We the Media, 8 - 10

Interaction and Discussion: For this unit, most of the discussion and interaction was done in the classroom setting. However, my first We the Media entry sparked interaction and discussion from Dr. Jerz as well as Erin Waite. It is good to see that even Dr. Jerz has limits on how much of his personal self he will share with the blogging community. For a while, Dr. Jerz seemed like an open book because of all the information he posts on the internet. Erin Waite even tells us how blogging has been beneficial to show her the mistakes she makes, and the growth she has experienced as a blogger. It just goes to show, that blogging as a form of media is less predictable, but more interesting because it is available to a wider sect of the populus.


Denamarie, Andy, and David all had well done presentations that certainly opened our classroom for a forum of discourse that is not seen everyday.

Lamb and common sense.

Lorin and cookies.


A recommendation to read a magazine article about my mom, my hero.


A blog site that is ultra wonderful because you don't have to download music to your computer.

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