Priceless Vacations

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"Every story or poem is a vacation, and every writer has to ask, every time, Where is this one taking place?" (Foster 163).

I noticed for our first assignment, the "English and I" essay, many classmates wrote of how English allows them to visit and experience different places and time periods without having to physically go there. I think this quote best describes the impossible opportunities English gives to us. "Every story or poem is a vacation". As readers, every time we read a story or poem, we are choosing which vacation we want to experience. Some of us may choose poems that take us to a specific location or maybe a book that takes us not only to a different place but a different time period as well. Reading and writing gives each of us the oppportunity to take those impossible vacations that could never occur in reality. This quote also reminded me of the poem we had to read for class the other day. In "A Book" by Emily Dickinson, she writes that "There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away... How frugal is the chariot that bears a human soul!". Here again literature is referred to as an inexpensive way to travel to different places and times.

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Maddie Gillespie said:

I think you made a very good point. Being able to go to a place without ever having to worry about travel expenses is one of the foremost reasons that I love to read. You can also tie in this quote to our dialogue exercises and the manner in which people speak. Anyways, I really liked reading your blog and the fact that you tied in the poem we read.

Angelica Guzzo said:

Very nice argyemnet. I too saw that our classmates wrote about how reading and writing helps them to escape and enter a different world. Reading can take you on a vacation. By choosing what we want to read, we are choosing the destination.

Ally Hall said:

I love the idea of books and poems taking us away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary (or at least the unfamiliar). I know that when I read, if it's a good book, then I'm automatically transported to wherever the story is taking place. I can picture the main characters exploring caves or falling into an embrace on a sandy beach. I also noticed that in a few of the essays I read people wrote about being able to escape into a different world, and it's always a side benefit that it's cheaper than having to purchase a plane ticket.

Juliana Cox said:

I also did this quote, but I liked how you refrenced back to our earlier reading of "A Book." Reading definitly provides a vacation place for many readers and if you read my blog I talked about how J.K. Rowling did a good job of this with her Harry Potter books.

Kaitlin Monier said:

I really liked this quote also. It is true that books take the reader on a vacation, without costing money and requiring a lot of time. I also agree with your response to the quote by saying that English gives us opportunities which would otherwise be pointless.

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