Too Late

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Mrs. Page: "Come to the forge with it; then shape it. I would not have things cool." (Shakespeare)

Finally, Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford are considering telling their husbands about the revenge they have been plotting and carrying out against Falstaff. I chose this quote because I thought the last sentence of it was important. Mrs. Page suggests that Mrs. Ford and herself reveal to their husbands what they have been doing in order to clear everything up, especially with Mr. Ford. Mrs. Page wants to talk to them right away instead of letting things get too far out of hand. What she doesn't know is how far Mr. Ford has taken this. The damage has already been done to Mr. and Mrs. Ford's marriage, and I doubt if there is any chance for repair due ot Ford's jealousy.  Whether they let things cool down or not, I doubt if any amount of explaining is going to fix what has already been damaged.

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