What is He Up To?

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"In the darkness, Mr. Shiftlet's smile stretched like a weary snake waking up by a fire." (The Life You Save May Be Your Own, pg 57)

When Mr. Shiftlet was first introduced into the story, I thought he was shady and up to something. Once I read this statement, I knew for sure that he was going to cause trouble. Relating his smile to a snake instantly made me connect him to evil because of the well known Biblical connection of the snake causing the downfall of Eve and mankind. Also, the fact that Mr. Shiftlet was smiling in the dark, his facial expression unnoticable to Lucynell and her mother, confirmed my belief than he was more than just a pleasant stranger offer his services to an old woman and the daughter she supported.

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Greta Carroll said:

That’s a good biblical connection, and I agree, you could tell Mr. Shiftlet was up to no good from the beginning. Remember the way his eyes roved over everything the women owned? His description reminded me of the Misfit immediately.

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