News, Roger and I: An Old, but Now Forgotten Friendship

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The news and I met on fields, courts, and tracks. At first we were just acquaintances, occasionally just passing by. However, in a small town, the news will make friends with any athlete it can find.  It was a year or two before we actually became friends. I thought News was cool because not only did News get along with me, but it seemed to get along with my other teammates and friends as well. News talked to us nicely after games and even liked to tell other people what we had to say. News usually brought a friend along with a camera who liked to take our pictures. We called him Roger Roids because his arms were as big as a body builder’s to hold up the incredible weight of the little camera he towed around. After several season, my friends and I got used to the news and Roger coming to cheer for us at the games.

                Then, one day our friendship with News and Roger came to a dramatic end. We had lost a championship, the first in all the time we had known the News and Roger. The next day, we awoke to see News not talking about the other team’s victory or Roger’s picture of them receiving their trophy. No, instead News and Roger plastered our picture on the front page. There we were, crying, trying to pick each other up off the field after our last game ever with the winning team celebrating in the distance. News and Roger had thought it was a better idea to base their story on our defeat, rather than the other team’s victory. After all, we had been News and Roger’s best friends for years, why ignore us now?

                From then on, all of my friends and I were not longer allowed to be friends with the news or Roger. Not only did we personally want the relationship to end, but our parents helped out by cancelling their news subscriptions to the paper that had Roger’s picture of us in it. Most of us moved on without ever talking to news or Roger again.

                A few weeks before leaving for college, News happened to surprise me with a small article saying where I was going and who I was playing for. Everything News said was positive. Although it still didn’t heal the damage that had been done before, it was as if News was saying it was sorry and good bye after all the years we had spent as friends. Looking back, although I realize the news was just trying to show the good and bad of our team, the picture and article had done some damage by going too personal and sharing moments that are only to be shared by teammates. News and Roger made my friends and I suspicious of any reporter or photographer that came our way afterwards, even if they mean us no harm. I have never talked to News since, and hope I won’t have to anytime soon.

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