A Second Collection

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Even though Portfolio 2 is shorter than my first portfolio because of the shorter length of time between them, I was still able to accomplish some of my goals. The most significant difference in this portfolio from the last one is how much more I attempted to interact with my peers and their blogging. I would like to continue doing so and even more often for future blogging activities.


  • I Must Be Getting Old - just an opening blog to get you started with the portfolio and to get a sense of what I have been writing about recently


  • Walking on Eggshells - Here is an example of one of my longer blog entries. I discuss my mixed feelings towards editing and creating leads for news stories.


The links below help to show the comments I left on some of my classmates' blogs in an attempt to start or add to a discussion.



  • Whoops and Parallels - One of my goals from creating my first portfolio was to become more active with discussion and ineraction amongst my peers who are blogging as well. In this blog, my topic sparked a discussion between two of my other classmates.
  • Red Tape - For this blog, I responded to one of my classmate's comments to continue the conversation she had started.



  • Presented Well - In this blog I linked to as many sources as I was using as possibly so readers could instantly access the documents I was talking about while reading my blog.


Below are some reflections that I have written for the class. I think they help to show what I have been learning from what I have been studying as well as what I have read from my classmates' blogs.


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