February 04, 2005

Talking Freaks

Talking Freaks discusses the matter of homosexual, bisexual and transgender families on mainstream television. I feel that even though it is wrong to target them, it also means that society is being more accepting. I avidly watch the sitcom "Will and Grace" which is about three friends living in NYC and two of them being gay. I feel that it is showing how much more society is considering homosexuality a norm. However, I feel that daytime talk shows such as Jerry Springer who search for people to humiliate themselves on national television just for the attention. There is a very powerful qoutation in Talking Freaks which is exactly how I feel about the subject of homosexuality
..."why straight couples can sit on the same sofa and hold hands at her house while the lesbians cannot....They love each other. Its not like they're spewing hate everywhere.What you are doing is spewing hate telling them its wrong to love someone"-pg 97 of Talking Freaks. . I feel that if you love someone it should not matter what sex you are. I feel that raising children in a same sex relationship is perfectly healthy and it may benefit the children by showing them that people are different and to respect people for who they are. "..Good parenting takes love...it shouldn't matter what color skin a parent has, or what religion they are, or even what their sexual orientation is, as long as a parent can raise a child with love and understanding"-pg 96. On the topic of raising a child who may be homosexual, I believe that a parent should still love that child no matter what happens. "Its not like it's right or wrong, its more like "Can this mother accept her son's gay lover"-pg 99.

Posted by Kayla Lukacs at February 4, 2005 12:59 AM | TrackBack

Rock on with ur bad self Kayla haha, Will and Grace is an awesome show, and I think its a very good show to make homosexuality more accepting and more of a norm in society. I also believe that parents should be accepting of their homosexual child... like the saying goes... "If you dont like it, try and change it. If you cant change it, learn to live with it"... But who are we to tell people how to feel and act about a situation?

Posted by: Mary Bonner at February 8, 2005 11:05 PM
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