January 06, 2006

Beyond the Review

I am very proud of this piece and I'm offering it to the world :)

Mortal Kombat: More than A Video Game

Here I stood, staring at my opponent dripping in sweat and blood. He is near death I can sense it and so am I. There is a brief moment when time stopped. We stand in the dark cave catching our breath, we both know what needs to been, one of us will have to die; an is needed to this long and painful battle. I know that if I don’t move quickly it would be me. I see the twinge of a finger and I quickly through my hand in the air releasing my ice spike. He stands there staggering for a moment then fell to the ground. “Winner: Sub Zero” is announced by a deep and demonic voice. I stand in shock at how I beat my mortal enemy Quan Chi; my body aches, I can taste blood and I must continue this battle in order to gain the respect and become a master fighter.

Mortal Kombat, a fighting game that was first introduced in 1992 for the arcade has gone through many changes since it’s birth. When it first made it’s mark in video gaming history, its graphics and controls were better than average for the arcade. The large amount of gore made this game one of first to be controversial. With the addition of the “blood physics”, blood was more prominent and the entrails were more realistic. The game soon caught up with technology and was modified for the many systems to come. The game had its ups and its downs, however it has proven to be extremely popular in the gaming world.

One reasons for its popularity is the gruesome fighting style in the game. Personally I find it very stress relieving to rip the head and spine out of an opponent, with my favorite character Sub Zero. The “fatality” feature in this game is amazing; every character has a special move that causes the most gruesome deaths. The adrenaline rush that one gets from this game is addicting. I would play non-stop just to be characters like Sonya Blade or Jonny Cage and find ways to use and defeat their fatality move. Then my brothers and I hold tournaments lasting for hours to become a MK master. The level of blood and gore attracted boys to the game. Being able to crack someone’s neck and hearing it appealed more to boys than girls. However, girls were attracted to the cool female characters such as Sonya Blade and use the fatality known as the kiss of death. Another reason of the popularity of this game is its level of controversy.

In 1993, the Electronics Software Ratings Board (ESRB) was born due to the amount of violence in Mortal Kombat. Parents and the government were not thrilled about children having the ability to cause see and partake in that amount of violence. But this did not stop the creators, more games were produced and have not stopped coming.

The graphics of Mortal Kombat keep becoming more realistic which draws people to the series. It is more than a game; it is an escape into virtual reality and a stress reliever. A player just gets engulf in the back-stories and the plot of this game, which makes it an amazing fighting game.

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