September 25, 2004

Malcolm X -Learning to read.

I enjoyed reading the Malcolm X story. My agenda item is how much one would apprieciate reading better if they had taught themselves instead of being taught at a young age. I'm not saying that its wrong to be taught a young age, it is actually very good. But I believe reading would be more apprieciated if it was self taught. In the story he says that now he reads whenever he gets the chance, I'm not saying that people don't read but according to studies people that can read dont read as much as they should.

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September 23, 2004

Robert Mendler Speech

The speech by Dr. Medler was very moving, he dicussed his life in in twelve concentration camps. He told us when he and his family were being seperated his mother said to him, " Respect others, remember who you are and where you came from". That was the last thing his mother ever said to him and the last time he ever saw his family. I feel so aweful for him because I don't know what I would do if I was never about to see the ones I love and to know that they are going through such pain would kill me inside. He also told us that at one of the concentration camps he was held in, he and many others had to lower a cemetary and build barricks. He said that he would dig up skills and take the gold teeth from the mouths and trade them in for food. When they went to another concentration camp there was a very large building, he was only 15 yrs old so he asked someone what was made in the factory. Someone told him the it wasn't a factory, it was a place of death. If you went into the "factory" you wouldn't come out. It was to burn people alive, what he said then was so powerful, he said that he could smell burning flesh, and horrifying screams. At the same camp a guard came over to him and said "you stepped on my toe", Mendler said no I didn't, which got him twenty-five lashes. There was so much damage to his back that he had to have a plate put in it when he came the U.S. He finally was free at the age of 18 and he weighed only 75Ibs!When everything was said and done, out of 75 people in his family he was the only one that survived and out of the thousands+ of Jews in his town he was only 1 of 39 people that survived. This lecture was very powerful, it told me first hand what had happened instead of reading it from a history book. I'm glad that Dr. Mendler was gracious enough to come here and talk about his experience in the Holocaust with us.

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September 22, 2004

Idiot Nation

My agenda item for Michael Moore's "Idiot Nation" is about when he says "The halls are packed with burned-out teenagers shuffling from class to class, dazed and confused , wondering what the hell they're doing there. They learn how to regurgitate answers the state wants them to give, and any attempt to be an individual is now grounds for being suspected to be a member of the trench coat mafia." I believe what he is saying is totally true, some teachers are only teaching certain material to sastify state needs. Some teachers are only there for the money (which isn't even that great) and don't care how well the students do. I know this because some of my own high school teacher honesty didn't care how you did in their class, they wouldn't try to help you are all. Another thing I would like to point out in "Idiot Nation" is when he discusses the fact that students are not allowed to be individuals. After the Columbine shootings security was dramatically increased and students had their individuality and right to privacy ripped from them. Baggy pants could no longer be worn, shirts with any type of graphic could not be worn, and if backpacks were allowed they had to be clear. I think it is so rediculous! Moore does bring up many valid points.

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September 21, 2004

Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher revision

After our discussion in class today about the seven lesson schoolteacher, I have revised my opinion. In the beginning I believed that Gatto was doing a good thing teaching his students lessons about life, but as the discussion went on I began to believe that Gatto was a heartless teacher who didn't care about his students or what they did. During the discussion we were told that maybe Gatto isn't a heartless teacher, maybe he is just being sarcastic about all of his lessons. Maybe he was just sarcastic because that is how he feels about the education system, or about his students, such as when he talks about the bell ringing at the end of class and all of his students drop what they are doing to leave. Maybe thats what they are doing, which is making Gatto annoyed. I really like what he is saying now that I understand what he means.

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September 18, 2004

Labor of Love

Today was the tenth annual Labor of Love, and it started off well. When we got to the gym a prayer was said about Elizabeth Seton, it was beautiful. Then we were off, myself and eleven other girls went to Mom's House, it is such a great organization. It gives single parent and low income families free day care for their children. It is mainly for full time students who have can't afford professional daycare, the only payment the organization askes for, is that the student stay in college, maintain good grades, and offer two hours of their service to Mom's Home. Today we helped them deep down clean, the building to get ready for their annual inspection. After we were done cleaning I felt very good about myself, and what I had done. I had helped someone, especially after the bad weather, I accomplish something and I feel wonderful for doing it.

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September 17, 2004

Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher

The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher is about a teacher who teaches seven lessons that can be used in the real world. He is an unorthodox teacher that wants his students to gain more than just knowledge, he wants them to gain their independence and become successful in life.

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James McBride Lecture

James McBride is a funny funny man, during the lecture he joked about a band mate, college life, and his family. He really has had a hard life but he has come out of it like a trooper. He has come from the gettos of New York City to graduate from Columbia University. One of the questions that was on my mind was whether is mother was still alive, I know it doesn't seem like the greatest question to ask but I think it was on everyones mind. He answered it without even the question being asked. Yes, she is still alive, she's 84 and lives with her daughter Kathy in New Jersy I believe. She is a tremendous woman and I would love to meet her and ask her how she did it. How she came from a very strict jewish family to have thirteen children fathered by black men in that era in NYC. However she did it she raised children who went on to do great things. I really enjoyed the lecture and I am very excited to read more of his books.

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