October 31, 2004

Social Class and the Hidden Curriculm of Work

My agenda item is how the Executive Elite School system works. I like how a student's "analytical intellectual powers" are focused on. I like how the school system takes what a student learns and makes them discuss how they came up with the correct answer and how students have more freedoms such as utilizing classroom materials more and don't have to ask permission to use the restroom. The teachers have more trust in the students than other types of schools do. The one thing I dislike about labeling these schools is students from the lower level school are not getting the education that the higher levels schools do which is very unfair.

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October 11, 2004

Para Teresa

I believe that people should do things for themselves and not for other people. I believe that the only reason that Teresa is yelling at the narrator is because Teresa knows that she is only doing things like getting good grades for her parents. I think that Teresa acts like a "rebel" because that is who she is and its her life so she is going to do things for herself.

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