November 07, 2004

From Fly Girls to Bitches and Hos

I believe that the norm these days for music (mostly rap, hip hop and starting to become more in rock) industry is talking about bitches, hos, drugs, chronic, and shootin somebody. The main concern in this article are females being used as nothing but sex symbols. I believe that this is true. There was an incident in NYC a few years back at a Puetro Rican festival when men bombarded women with water and tried to rip their clothes off, a news article said that a few women were raped. So obviously some men take what these rappers say seriously. Snoop Dog seems to be the popular one these days when it comes to discussing bitches and chronic. I admit I like Snoop Dog, I listen to rap, that may seem hard to believe, but its true. Anyway rappers seem to be not taking women seriouly as human beings, and have no repect for them. And to be honest some women want the attention so they just let this happen which might cost them their lives one day.

Question of Conquence:

If rappers keep discussing women as sex symbols and some of those women that do act like sex symbols. Women might have a rough time in the future just living normal lives. Some might even end up dead if rappers don't take responsibility for what they say.

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The Bridge Builder

This just shows how ignorant people can be. I was very upset that her entire family rejected her, I think that they should be happy because she has found someone that makes her happy in life. The issue within the church also bothers me but there isn't much that can be done with the issue of homosexuality in church. I think churches should have the right to deny gay marriage, but I think if the women had tried to get married in today's society they would be even more enraged than in 1985. I guess my agenda item would be how it is hard for people to accept other people who may be different even in today's society where it is normal to see women on television wearing almost nothing or where people express their individuality in very weird ways.

Question Of Value:

I believe people should have the right to do what makes them happy and should not get shunned. I have no problem with this lifestyle, many of my closet friends are homosexual or bisexual and from my point of view they seem extremely happy.

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November 03, 2004

Trung Dung

Trung Dung was a boy that grew up in Vietnam, and immigrated to America because his family wanted him to have a better life. When he arrived in America he became a man, who was motivated by the strength his family gave him. He worked very hard because of that fact and become a millionaire.

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Ragged Dick

Ragged Dick is about a man who saves a little boy from drowning. The boy's father is willing to reward him with money, but Dick didn't want it. He was given to a new suit and a well paying job. My agenda item for Ragged Dick is that I liked how he was given a job, so he could earn a living and use the money to give himself a better life. I think that it was right of James Rockwell to help Dick get on his feet, without just giving him money for what he had done.

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