April 16, 2005

America the Beautiful: What We're Fighting For

This piece is written to discuss Anti-Americanism. It describes how after 9/11 how the world looks at us. Its also describles so much we are hated, why and what we can do to stop the hatred.
America is considered one of the best places on Earth because of the many freedoms that can be received, even though this may be true, there is so much Anti-Americanism because of our interference, violence and greed.

How do you feel about Anti-Americanism, is it just as right for other countries to hate us as it is for us to profile people from other countries?

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April 07, 2005

The War On Terrorism

In 2001 when two planes collided into the World Trade Centers in New York City there was mass devastation, even though the media has given the public a brief summary of why this tragic event occurred, the government has not given the public more information on the attack and the events that occurred there after. This article may be biased but it does offer some good points.

My agenda item: Is it necessary for the government to release all of the information that have been given about certain events?

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Under the sign of Mickey Mouse & Co.

When the Walt Disney company built the Walt Disney World in France (I think that is where one was built) I remember that it was not as successful as they has hoped it to be, so in the end it was torn down. This article depictes the force feeding of Hollywood to other cultures that do not necessarily want it there.

My agenda item: why is it that the United States does so much advertising in other countries but yet there is not as much of other cultures advertised in the U.S.?

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Let America be America Again

It seems that Hughes made a valid point when he noted that America never seemed like America. Its is said to be the land of the free, home of the brave and the land where dreams come true. It has also been suggested that we all get along and we welcome others with open arms. Honestly it doesn’t seem that way, I am not saying that we’re not free or that dreams can’t come true but it seems like America is not what it is cracked up to be. America is hated by other nations because of what we are and what we are not.

My agenda Item: What do you think we can do in order to get people from other countries to like us better?

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By Any Means Necessary

This editorial discusses the United States Patriot Act. This act gives the federal government the right to spy on anyone who may be suspected of being involved with terrorism. This bothers me because what if there is a person who truly does not like you and wants to cause you harm. So this person places an anonymous tip to the FBI and you are left to be searched, tapped, and copied without even knowing and the moment you mention anything about terrorists or bombs, you have the FBI banging down your door. I can understand people want to be safe and are willing to be searched but I just do not believe that it is right. Another thing that bothers me is the idea that people are willing to profile and torture people of different ethnicities. My favorite line from this editorial is “we want to open up the hearts of those all around us, peer in and see for ourselves what evil lurks in the hearts of men, women and neighbors” because this is not the way we should be treating others.

My Agenda Item is do you think the Patriot Act has helped or hurt this country and how do you feel about your freedoms with this new act in place?

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