bad, little capitalist


I think I have a genetic deficiency. I, Kayla Sawyer, am not a workaholic, nor am I "ladder climber" or a "go-to girl." This is not the case with my parents or my sister. They all work full time, every chance they get. My dad works a lot because he likes his co-workers and the camaraderie. He also loves the money. My mom works a lot because she likes success and the sense of accomplishment. She also loves the money. My sister works a lot to get away from her house, and because she likes people, and of coarse - the money.

Maybe it's just because I'm grossly underpaid, or maybe it's just how I am, but I would rather stay home, relax, and be comfortable than go to work and make loads of money. Am I terribly strange? I honesty do not care that I will have less money. I am enjoying this. I love it here. Isn't that what truly matters? If it does, then why am I constantly receiving strange, confused looks whenever I confess this? Most people seem to consider my philosophy somewhat un-American. I suppose I can understand this. Hard work is a part of American culture. I'm sure it's something deeper too. The capitalism bug has been ingrained in us since elementary school. Don't give me that look! Surely you can recall the vocabulary words on the proficiency tests? The same three words, every year, on every test - entrepreneurship, labor, and capitalism. Why do fourth graders need to know those words, I wonder?

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I spent all afternoon yesterday working on getting my links set up. Iíve never been taught HTML before. For me, any [limited] success I have is just from playing around with it and trying certain combinations. By the way, I would like to thank everyone who commented and welcomed me. Especially Lou Gagliardi, since he used Star Wars lingo. Nice to know I wonít be the only geek fan at SHU. I was really surprised to get so many comments! Itís rather daunting to think that people are actually reading this.

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Graduation rehearsal was terrible. Terribly long and terribly boring. When they weren't begging and pleading with us to control our behavior, they were barking out where to walk and when. The girl next to me kept getting tickled by some guy behind her. Every time she'd bat his hands away, she'd hit my chair. I was beginning to get the Stephanie Plum eye twitch.


In one of her last columns, the humorist Erma Bombeck, dying of cancer, wrote that she wished she had laughed at life more and at TV less. While college will require hard work, in the end, the product of that work is you -- a more intelligent, more accomplished, more confident self. Think of your brainpower as your personal capital. Use it or lose it. The Biblical parabale of the talents is worth checking out, too. So there is value in work.


Some think of work only as a transaction for which they get paid money that they can use to buy the stuff they want -- such as clothes or cars or cell plans or cable TV. Incoming students who think in terms of buying credits can be frustrated by the workload expected of college students. But your tuition doesn't buy you credits. Your money buys you space in classes and time in your instructor's schedules. What you choose to do with those resources is up to you.

If you focus on living as being, rather than living as having or getting, you're philosophically in a better place.

I like what you said about geek lingo. Lous is a really cool guy and great to be in class with. (he presents many interesting view points) We are all geeky in our own little ways. Myself very much so included. In college, geek is sheek and the "cool" is just average. You are embraced by people the appreciate your intellect rather than your social status in regard to popularity.

What can I say Kayla? I bring home to the serious. I bring yuks and jokes to the jokeless..I am..the JOKER! *stands there all batmany-like*

ok, but in all seriousness, you need to laugh, you need to enjoy yourself young Jedi. But at the same time work hard you must. Success you want, hard work you must. Basically, don't goof off too much. I did, sorta, and it backfired on me.

I didn't take all of my classes seriously--oh sure, I laughed and joked and had a generally good time. Ask Dr. Jerz and Leslie, I made class interesting. I could think of a funny retort or another point of view for EVERYTHING. But at the same time other classes, like Christian Scriptures (I'm non-religious/looking at more pagan religions), I did not take seriously because in my opinion that was a useless class that was just full of stuff that the Catholic church tries to brainwash people with.

My point, Kayla, after being so long-winded, work and study hard. Play hard too, but make sure you balance your time wisely. I'll be doing a blog entry on some tips for entering freshman, as I was in your shoes not even a month ago. check out my blog when you get the chance:

Are you seriously complaining about capitalism? You comment about not wanting to go out and make money... and that you would rather sit on the couch and enjoy being a sloth. How do you think you're ever going to keep that lifestyle? Perhaps you were spoiled as a child and don't know the value of a dollar earned from hard labor, i don't know. But what I do know is that you have a sort of selfish attitude about life and society. Nothing should be handed to you. You admit that your 'philosophy' is un-american in some eyes, so why do you also say you love being here? I would suggest a communist or socialist country for you to study abroad in but even there you have to work to enjoy life. If all of society took up your belief that what truly matters is how you feel right now, then all of society would be stagnant, no one would work, and everyone would starve to death. Your reasoning is why we have so many people trying to live on welfare(which is terribly socialist), and not use it to get back on their feet so that they can restart their capitalist lives.

And of course i liked how you hinted at a government brainwashing scheme by teaching us the words "entrepreneurship, labor, and capitalism" at a young age. They also taught us ambition and achievement too, but you fail to remember those.

Uh oh boys, dust off your old rifles, and get out the rope, we've got a card carrying commie on our hands! Wahhhooooo!

Seriously though...I don't know what school you went to, but I think the only one of those words I've ever seen on an efficiency test might have been "labor," and you can do that on the toilet.

I guess I don't have a problem with this entry though, just because it's so diverse. I mean you go from talking about how lazy you are and complaining about how your parents work alot (in order put your sorry communist ass through college), to bitching about how crappy the rehersal for your graduation was. How could anyone hate such well rounded writing?

I have a simple and easy solution to all of this though...don't graduate! Not only do you not have to put up with people jostling your chair, you have an excuse not to get one of those pesky jobs.
Hell, you could move to Russia and be a pig farmer if you wanted to! It's the solution to all your problems, trust me.

Paul, that is just ignorant.

She wasn't making a communist statement. I know what she's saying. It's the fact that she's not like her family, which tends to work all day long, while she takes the time and enjoys her younger years.

I agree, Kayla, the government does seem "brainwash" us alot. The church, especially with Emperor Bush in charge of the American Empire, seems to be doing that lot now too.

Don't let paul get to you, his just a sarcastic little b******. You'll find people like him all the time

Lou, that is just bullshit. Use your head for a change. You can't blame all the problems of the world on "Emperor Bush," as you call him. (forgetting of course, that he was elected by the majority of the people in a democratic country...) Just because you don't like him Lou, doesn't mean that he's an emperor. I don't like Ghandi...does that mean he was a terrorist?

And were you trying to call me a bastard Lou? Because blocking the letters out with little stars makes it so much less offensive. Seriously, I called some guy a B****** the other day instead of a bastard, and he kicked me in the stomach instead of the was amazing how well it worked.

I think we should send kayla to the coal mines. Not only would she learn the value of a good days work, but then we could call her "Coal Mine Kayla"...which really has a nice ring to it.

Paul you are a fucking moron. Plain and simple. Instead of letting your one-mindedness think for you, read between the lines.

as for him being emperor, he may have supposedly been elected by a majority, but does that mean he still holds the majority favorable opinion. Also its funny how everyone around seems to automatically agree with him--even members of the opposite party now. Even that puppet, Tony Blair.

But I digress. See what I meant Kayla? You say one bad thing and pricks and assholes jump down your throat faster than Bush dodging service in the military.

Wow, you can say "fucking" but not "bastard?" I'm impressed.

Also, you contradicted yourself: If everyone now automatically agrees with Bush, even members of the opposite party, then aren't there MORE people who think he should be in office now rather than less? Whoops, the one argument you actually tried to make was flawed by a glaring contradiction.

You're right though, you do digress...farther and farther down the chain of intelligence.

Thanks for playing, better luck next time.

Lou, what in the crap do you think you are accomplishing when you tie together 'The Church' and 'Emperor Bush' (And with a terribly misused modifier 'especially')? Do you, in all seriousness, think that the PROTESTANT Bush is alligned with a CATHOLIC Church? And can you please elaborate on just HOW both of these parties 'brainwash' the American population? Mind control drugs in the Blood of Christ? But even more importantly, why are you even talking about the Church? Do me a favor, hit ctrl+f and type in 'church.' Now hit 'Find Next' You'll soon find out that NO WHERE in Kayla's post does she talk about the church.

You warn Kayla time and time again not to say negative things about the church or republicans. You also say through a misquoted Voltaire line that you are entitled to your own opinion. Well, you can have your opinion that republicans and/or the church are evil. But I have the opinion that your opinion is crap. So now what will you do, defend 'to the death' my right to say it, or will you complain that I have the opinion I have?

Apparently, today's word is "troll."

Kayla, if you want to jump into the fray, you're welcome to do so.

Paul and Lou are both good guys, but they do enjoy a scrap. I'm not so sure about "F. Corpuscle" (whose IP address Kayla can compare with the posters of other comments).

If Kayle doesn't join in, fellows, then perhaps you should take this over to your own blogs.

Wow, Paul Crossman and Mike Rubino (AKA F. Corpuscle - why does he have to use a different name, I wonder?) are really passionate about politics. That's always good to see. You lot don't take too kindly to someone having a different opinion, do you?

It's funny, a few comments in an online journal and everyone is up in arms. I don't mind though. Feel free to continue. Say whatever you please, it doesn't bother me.

Oh, and I've been replying to all your comments by e-mail..

Kayla, just wanted to say that I was proud to see you encourage the online debate.

However I must say that I am not F. Corpuscle. As I have told others, I don't post under pseudonyms. I have nothing to hide, and am not afraid to stand behind my opinions. After reading these posts I found out that actually my brother has been using that name (he is a young high schooler) to comment on SHU blogs. I assure you I didn't put him up to debating others, it's just something he enjoys doing. I didn't even know he was reading your blog until last evening when I was checking out these posts. Sorry for the confusion, but I wanted to make it clear that I don't post under false names.

I applaud your support for the debate. Knowing Paul and my brother (of course) I know how they react to things. It's not that they don't want people to express their opinions... they just aren't afraid to start debates based on those opinions. Trust me, I've had many a long argument on my blog (50+ comments for my anti-football team post from two years ago), so I know how these things go.

If you want to check out my brother's blog (and his insane, yet educated, ramblings) here's the URL:

Well of coarse! I like to listen to all viewpoints and want freedom for everyone to believe what's important to them. I'm quite used to being surrounded by political apathy, so this is very refreshing!

Tell your brother he's a clever, little sprite then.

I just don't see the point in people getting angry with me based on my political opinions. I have to admit I'm surprised by such unwillingness to hear other people's beliefs. If I was only social and friendly to those people who agreed with me on issues I feel passionately about, my list of friends would be very short indeed. The whole argument is getting blown out of proportion and going somewhere I never imagined it would go. Please feel free to email me if you want to talk about anything in my post or the comments posted so far. I didn't want this to turn into a fight, and I want it to end with as little bitterness as possible.

P.S. I think I would have definitely been in support of your anti-football team post.

I would have too mike. As much as I like the sport.


Mike is a good guy who is honest about things. He will not steer you wrong. He also likes a good debator who has made me see the light on a couple of bush things.

Paul, his just an asshole. Plain and Simple.

I see nothing wrong with what was said, as it was just a thought that's very unlikely to be acted upon. It's simply a preference. I'd bet that most people would prefer that actually. Minimum wage in this country is absolutely pathetic. It's at its lowest point ever (adjusted for inflation). Not surprisingly, Democratic attempts to raise it recently to $7.25 failed.

I don't see anything wrong with socialism either, unless you have a problem with helping people out. I wouldn't call myself a socialist, but I certainly agree some of the policies. Social Security is one of the most popular. Even more popular is the universal healtcare concept (supported by something like 75% of Americans). If supporting those makes me a socialist, then so be it. I could go even further with the policies.

On the same regard, I also support capitalistic views of the right of ownership and business. With my main point above, universal healthcare would help out business. For example, GM spends almost $7 billion per year on healthcare for employees and their families.

I wouldn't call myself either of the above, though I would lean towards the former. I believe that government should help its people.

The United States is actually on the verge of being socialist.

and "J." socialism also agrees with the rights of owning a business--but socialism also allows the government to own a business or three--thereby not allowing a monolopy.

It's just a matter of preference. I am a wiccan, a democratic, pro-life, and pro-gay marriage. Does that mean I am a bad person? to some people, yes. But those people are close minded.

It's a matter of personal opinion.

and I dont think that I am going to post on anyone else's blog, lol, I start too many arguments.

and "J." socialism also agrees with the rights of owning a business--but socialism also allows the government to own a business or three--thereby not allowing a monolopy.

Entirely true. However, some really believe that socialism ends free enterprise and the right of ownership when, of course, it doesn't. I wanted to avoid that debate. In my view, it seems to work the best for everyone.

Trust me, not a debate.
Your exactly right, some people do. I wouldn't disagree-only because some people think socialism and communism are the same.

You did bring up good points though

Paul, it appears that you have some deep-seeded ego issues. If your only source of entertainment is getting people mad, you have a pretty sorry excuse for a life.

Lou, Paul is like the XFL, if you ignore it, it'll go away.

If conservatism really had morals, its main concern would be the well-being of all people; not just the exclusivist gentleman's club that it has become.

And, again, Paul: if you have any problems with what someone said--whether in the blog or in the comments, be fair and don't resort to hasty generalizations when you speak (lest you come across as completely arrogant and anti-intellectual).

B..But Evan, I liked the was good football for the 6 or so weeks or whatever it was on.

I like Vince McMahon, his a good honest guy, who is one of the most liberal men I've ever seen on TV and met in life. Look at some of the storylines he does..

Anyways, the point is, Paul you have a problem with my views or another persons views because dont go with your "God"-fearing, GOP-Fearing views then I have two letters for you: F U.

I will say what I want, when I want and how I want. If you don't like it? Tough shit.

So, long have you been sitting on that XFL comment? No, seriously, it was a real gem. You should send it in to Reader's Digest, they've got a page for people like you.


Get a life. Plain and simple. You want to rag on people, get your own blog. At least I have the guts to post things on my blog too.

Evan, the XFL quote was funny, but his right in away, it's been 3-4 years since the XFL was around.

Maybe I should ignore him like Bush and the GOP ignore the 1st amendment and make laws that stifle it.

Paul, I was going to use zit, but I dare not stoop down to your level. As much as seeing the village idiot make an ass of himself is appealing, it gets old after a while... yes, older than the XFL :'p Give it up, Paul.

Count slowly to ten Evan. Do your breathing exercises, and don't forget to take your medication before bedtime. Everything will be ok, I promise.

Louie, oh sweet Louie...
Bush and the Catholic Church did not brainwash people.(I don't quite think we have that technology yet); though maybe in 2050 onward your conspiracy theory can hold some ground.

F. Corp. Bush and the government(republican majority) have so far shown no concern for the health of the environment or the American population in regards to the bills they have passed. No longer can America rely on safe water coming from the faucet. And old smoke stacks can keep pumping gases(as long as they are attached to an old piece of the building)

Pawl. "..."

Jerz, I found a novel by John Gunther that focuses on John Donne's poem "Death be not Proud" far before cliche' "W;T" was lurking in the mind of Margaret Edson. I feel so injured, so abused, so ...

Kalya, please don't sit on your butt. The longer you sit, the bigger it gets(ask Oprah-evil woman) and then you'll have to take diet pills and get plastic surgery, but to do so, you'll need money. And then you'll have to work. Captialists and couch potatoes feed off of on one another. That's why both groups are fat.(And fat is bad)

So, with the job thing? Screw that! Man, I hope you are a creative writing major... ;c) I'm basically in college now to support my internet habit. I took the whole summer off to tour Europe, using my excess school loans to pay my way. I haven't had a full-time job since, what, 2000 or so? It takes very little money to actually survive. Why work 40 hours a week when you can work 12? Who needs junk food anyway?

And, god lord, you got a fabulous conversation going on here. GO YOU for saying exactly what you want to say when you want to say it. I found myself really toning down what I was saying on the blogs when I started here and stopped blogging as frequently because I was really feeling limited by what I could and could not say. Then, over the summer, I decided who cares? If you (or I or whoever) don't say it... who will? I'm glad you are here. Welcome to SHU! ;c)

What is this page. Where am I. Questions I often ask myself.

Since fate has landed me here I thought I may as well add a different point of view. I write to you not only from a different country (england) but also from a different time in my life. At 28 the college years are far enough behind me so that I can put them in perspective.

For the main part I took from college "life experience" (terrible expression, but then I am no creative writer) and a sense of possibilty. The academic side never interested me, in fact all of my educational years were set out by what was expected, not by what I wanted to do. That said I never new what to do and still dont. In short take college for what it is, a piss up combined with some lerning.

As for the capitalism question, well its a big one. At the moment I get up every morning and do a job I dislike for a company I couldnt give a shit about. However they pay me lots of money.

I have this strange conflict. On one hand I want things (new car, surround sound dvd, new x box) on the other hand when i get them they mean very little. I cant help thinking that its a thought process adopted from the culture I live in. Get the new gadget or buy that nice house and your life will be better. I am working in a job i dont like to buy things that I dont want, that just crazy. I guess the trick is to remember that you dont want them. Its so easy to forget.

As you can tell my thoughts on this are still somewhat confused, hopefully the answers will come into focus in a few years time.

I watched a documentary tonight called white male. Its about a guy who looses his memory and how he rediscovers his life. Luckily for him he had a great life as a photographer in new york. It got me thinking, if you lost your memory what life would you like to rediscover? ot

Not sure that this passage has much relevance to what went before as I didnt read most of it. Still thought id write this any way.

P.S sorry for spelling, v tired

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