Everyone on my floor has gone off to the foam dance. I didn't even know what a foam dance was and figured that "foam" must be slang for something. Surely they couldn't mean actual foam... then I did a google image search and yes, yes they do. Dancing in foam: sounds like a recipe for unpleasantness.

- - - - -

I'm reading this... book (I don't dare call it a novel). It's horrid and vile and disgusting and I'm half way through it and despise it beyond all means. I hate chick lit and I hate the whole "omgosh I'm so awesome and clever and cute but dammit I just can't get that guy, but everything falls in place by the end". It's about a girl who is forced to star in a play version of Pride and Prejudice and obviously - she gets the part of Elizabeth. Incredibly, a famously wealthy annoying actor is cast as Darcy. Can you see what direction this is going? Oh, and her sister is cast as Jane and she falls in love with the guy playing Bingley. There's also a smarmy news reporter who keeps trying to get in bed with our heroine but instead gets in with her roommate who is desperate for anything male. Wow. So original. There's more and it's basically exactly like Pride and Prejudice, but contemporary and lacking in the hotness of Darcy and minus the lovely, snarky humor of Austen.

I think that there is a definite decline in today's literature and it's due to lowered standards of publication. Ex: Danielle Steele, Dave Eggers, and whoever wrote that tripe Confessions of a Shopaholic, where just the glaring cover makes me want to beat it to a pulp* with Beowulf.

*Pun intended.


Just finished reading Beowulf--literally. Funny you should mention it. Perhaps the contemporary authors should consider themselves as the dragon that guards the hoard (i.e. knowledge of good literature) but in the end kills the true hero needed for today's beauty (Beowulf). Makes me want to write a keen...

It's too bad you weren't at SHU last year, because then you could have taken Popular Fiction. Basically all we did in that class was read books of different genres (mystery, romance, science fiction, westerns, etc.), and talk about them. You'd have enjoyed it. Don't know when it's coming back though; I think it's one of those every-now-and-then classes.

A foam dance? Really? Organized foam? You should have gone and taken pictures on the sly, from far far away. Maybe next time, eh? hah. hello! :c)

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