Homecoming Story Pitches


Homecoming Story Pitches

1. Silent Auction in Lowe Dining Hall: I could find out what items were donated and who donated them. Also Ė how many people participated, how much money was raised, and what improvements might be made to the ďstudent-used facilitiesĒ with the money. Itís on-campus, so I wonít have to get lost in Greensburg. But best of all Ė itís not a sports event.

2. The Harry Potter Brunch: Although it isnít at all newsworthy, it sounds absolutely fantastic and is a combination of two of my favorite things Ė brunch and Harry Potter. My Harry Potter knowledge is unsurpassed and my love is long-standing. I would interview whoever organized the event (this could be done before) and find out why itís held. I could also interview those who win the contests.

3. Concert: Neon Swing Xperience: It seems newsworthy because the band is fairly well known and has won contests. Also, some SHU students are members, so that may appeal to other students.

4. Carnival on Sullivan Lawn: Although there isnít much information about this, I assume itíll be great because carnivals are always fun. I could summarize the activities and see what everyone thought of them.


I like how Kayla had so many ideas. She also organized them in a way that I understood.

The Harry Potter brunch is most definitely newsworthy. A lot of effort is put into that by the staff, faculty, and and the students.

And I must miss it again...*angry*

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