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Currently reading Lost In A Good Book. It's the second novel to Eyre Affair. So funny. You know the wacky humor of Harry Potter? The irreverent descriptions of Diagon Alley and the Burrow? Yeah, this whole book is like that, only better. It's amazing, nearly every single sentence is some subtle jab at Shakespeare or Jane Austen or any book you can think of. It's the perfect book for a bibliophile. Especially if you like Austen or Shakespeare. There's also none of those unnecessary descriptions that authors like to waste their times on. It has the snappy dialogue and paragraphs similar to Artemis Fowl (but minus the stupid plots and the idiotic mind-numbing "Hi, I'm dumbed down for kids" feel). This book is almost in the league of Terry Pratchett. Helloooo, new favorite obsession.

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