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"The life and times of Jesus were recorded in fanfic form by his four biggest fanboys Matthew, Mark, Luke and John shortly after his death. Later, their works were compiled by a basement-dweller nerd named Peter into the "New Testament." Initial sales were stagnant, however, and so after conducting numerous focus groups and hiring many expensive consultants, the title was changed to "Jesus: The Reckoning." Subsequent sales skyrocketed, thereby propelling the publisher Catholic Church, Inc. into global prominence.

Today, with Jesus fandom on the wane, "The Reckoning" is typically published as an anthology in conjunction with the so-called "Old Testament." This saves on printing costs, and has served to bolster sales, though one may still need to order the book at Amazon since many bookstores are stopped carrying it. Incidentally, another Jesus fanboy, Paul, invented the blog."

(from Encyclopedia Dramatica)

Heh. Fanboys. Heh. Blogs."


Wow. An alternative wiki. That's far out.

*pees with laughter*

I wonder what the professor for my Jesus class - a rather elderly nun -would make of this.

only dr. jerz would say "farout" by the way..

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