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My observation was that the WTAE Channel Four television news channel was more engaging and dynamic than the news website for WTAE Channel Four, The Pittsburgh, and The Tribune-Review newspaper. Television involves more of your senses and therefore helps you to get involved with the story. Itís more thought provoking and can give people a wider perception.

Television has so much more imagery and which enables the reader to evoke more emotions. A picture is worth a thousand words and I think print just doesnít stir up as many feelings in people. Itís also just generally more entertaining and pleasing to the eye. It has fancy graphics and music that grabs your attention. Itís impossible to look away when you hear the alarming tones of their official and important sounding music.

I noticed that for the smaller news stories like ďMan Crawls Through Take-Out Window, Robs McDonald's At GunpointĒ the television report was exactly the same as the internet version. There wasnít a single word that was different. This is also true for the news story ď'Wizard Of Oz' Ruby Slippers Stolen.Ē I suppose their lack of length is mostly due to proportionality.

For the larger stories, the television news seemed more inclined to give more personal details about people. The newspaper and online news seemed more short and concise. Internet news is often too fragmented as well. The television news also uses more adjectives. The newspaper seemed to be less concerned with the intimate, personal details that are used to help people identify with others. Especially with tragedies and victimís stories, there is far more interactivity because itís much easier to feel involved when you can hear their solemn tone of voice and even tears.

However, television news also gives you the misfortune of hearing the news people make little chatty remarks to each other about some stories. Thankfully, in newspapers and online you donít have that problem. Another negative with television news is that it has less independence, and are often more concerned with ratings, which brings them to rely on shock-value.

I donít think that newspapers and internet news can demonstrate the scope of things like television can. Television news has the ability to show a larger overview and also focus a single aspect of a story. You can gain more comprehensiveness from it. It sends a stronger message and gives a lot more information in a shorter time.

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Kayla, I do agree with the idea of television being informational. However, I doubt that it's more informational than newspaper. The television's news coverage is so manipulated to make the viewers think that the news is actually happening right now. I feel that the television does a great job of relaying information, it's just done on their terms. They show it to you how they want, and when the want to. If you had a newspaper, you could read whatever you want at any time you want.

I do believe that television has better graphics, of course. Their visuals are way more interesting than that of a website or a newspaper.

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