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Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

Why does Young Woman’s name change to just "Woman" in Episode Six: Intimate and the back to Young Woman in Episode Seven: Domestic? She acted completely different in episode six. Is that relevant to the change in name? I guess it just represents how small her husband makes her feel? Or perhaps how alive her lover makes her feel?

She still seems to carry her insecurities with her, regardless of who she's with:

WOMAN. You’ve had a lot of women, haven’t you?”
WOMAN. Did you – like any of ‘em – better than me?”


These lines are also indicative of her insecurity. Does the name change bear weight against the lines or balance?

She's insecure throughout the entire play, so I don't think it's just the lover that brings it out of her. The only difference is that this insecurity is because she actually likes this person. She's not as nervous with him either.

Whoa, you're amazing Kayla. I wouldn't have noticed that. I think that it is a result of her perhaps feeling free and feeling more herself when she is with the man. Like she isn't a child anymore perhaps? Therefore the omission of YOUNG in her name? Like you said, perhaps everyone else makes her feel small/childlike/young? But then when she's with the man, she doesn't feel that way. What an interesting observation.

I've noticed that... how she is now "The Woman" instead of the "Young Woman" in Episode Six. It's funny how she is a different person when commiting adultery. Not saying that her husband didn't deserve it but it took the woman to cheat on her husband to realize true love.

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