Oral Presentation Reflection

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Oral Presentation Reflection

It was a more comfortable environment. Everyone finished in the perfect amount of time, which allowed us to discuss each otherís presentations and agree or disagree with their observations.

I gained a better understanding of Catholic Social Teaching through Chera Pupiís presentation. She applied the principles to both Machinal and Dead Man Walking. Amanda Nicholís presentation was about the influence of love for the characters in The Jewellerís Shop. Gina Burgeseís presentation was about the level of control male and female characters have in their households. Joshua Gogolsky gave a presentation about how deceit complicates the situation in The Importance of Being Earnest. Katie Aikinsís presentation taught me about static characters and their development. Denamarie Ercolaniís presentation was about the impact that a loveless marriage can have on a character.

I enjoyed hearing the observations made by my peers. It was better than the class discussions because they had time to prepare more thorough responses. The handouts were helpful because they showed the lines that supported our claims. It made it easier to follow along and clearly see the evidence. Also, since we all werenít talking about the same play, there were more diverse topics. No one had the same subject and everyone had a lot of interesting things to say.

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