Peer Profile: Lorin Schumacher

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Peer Profile: Lorin Schumacher

Peer Profile: Lorin Schumacher

CNN reports that an estimated 36,000 Americans are killed by influenza in an average year. In Greensburg, Pennsylvania 18 year-old Seton Hill University (SHU) student Lorin Schumacher has currently quarantined herself in her dorm room because she, like so many others, has come down with the flu. 185 million Americans should get a flu shot every year but fewer than half that number do, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Though she’s never received a flu shot, she’s not about to become another statistic for CNN. She’s managing fine with lots of orange juice and plenty of sleep. Like most cases of the flu, hers is mild and will pass in a few days.

Lorin Schumacher graduated from high school in Middlebury, Indiana in the top 10% of her class, captain of the volleyball team, president of the National Honor Society, and earning Girl Scout gold and silver community service awards. “Her school achievements outnumbered any other person's I know. She was actively involved in her community; never turning down an opportunity to gain service hours,” said her friend Jason Simpson.

Lorin has a 20 year-old brother who attends Creighton University in Nebraska and a 15 year-old sister in high school. Lorin’s hobbies include volleyball and photography. She enjoys listening to bands like Oasis, Train, and Maroon 5 and her favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally.

She spent her summer working at the local bed and breakfast ran and owned by her mother. Her father recently retired from a career in command and control in the Air Force. Her family has lived on military bases in several different locations – Nebraska, D.C., New Jersey, and England, where she’s lived the last eight years. “Living overseas for so long played a large role in shaping who I am. I learned a lot about other cultures and I think that has made me more a tolerant American,” Lorin said.

Lorin has currently made SHU her new home. Her walls are covered in pictures of family and friends, postcards from places in Europe she’s visited, and Mickey Mouse memorabilia. On her desk are several glass coke bottles from France and Germany as well as a hailstorm of yellow sticky notes. She’s adjusting well to her new life and is quickly making friends. “Her willingness to always try hard will definitely prove to be a valuable asset, as well as her ability to adapt to new situations and people,” stated Jessica Armour, another hometown friend.

Lorin is now a hard-working freshmen majoring is English education with aspirations to one day teach English to high school students. "I really want to be able to affect the future generations and help students realize their dreams,” said Lorin. Her long-term aspirations are to become eligible for Alpha Lambda Delta and graduate with honors.

“She has a determination and drive to complete everything that will ensure she is successful in college,” said Marshall Mattingly, Lorin’s boyfriend of two years.

“She will somehow, beyond my comprehension, manage to go to classes, complete her homework, and participate in many activities. She'll have her spells where it will seem like she's doing too much, and she'll snap sometimes, but she always manages to hold it together when it comes to crunch time,” he said.

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Just a question for you Kayla, did she really graduate from Middlesbury, Indiana? You sure? I graduated with her from Lakenheath High School, RAF Lakenheath, U.K.
Just thought you might wanna know, for info's sake!

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