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Was Oedipus Framed? By Robert W. Rex

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I think the servant just thought that Oedipus knew whom he had killed and would kill him if he told anyone. He probably thought that Oedipus killed King Lauis on purpose so he could take the throne. He insisted that there were more than one and that alone is the only detail he could remember.

However, if anyone did frame Oedipus Ė it was the gods, who apparently arenít the nicest folks in the world. I donít know what Oedipus did to deserve that kind of sick, twisted, and very elaborate smiting but the gods obviously donít like him much.

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So Ė the lesson is that no one is in control of his or her own life and that the gods will punish you for your sins? When I read Oedipus, I didnít know that we were suppose to learn a lesson from it. First of all, the whole incest thing isnít really Oedipusís fault. Heís blameless. The gods, on the other hand, have some explaining to do.

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