Peer Profile Reflection

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Peer Profile Reflection

The interview had to be done entirely through e-mail since Lorin had the flu and did not have the ability to speak. I think that actually made things easier (not Lorinís lack of voice Ė that would be cruel, but the e-mailing). Whenever we had follow-up questions we would just send over another e-mail, as opposed to having to plan a time and place to meet or use the telephone (which is a bothersome invention and can often be difficult to hear the person on the other line). We had better access to each other by using e-mail.

We didnít have to worry about misquoting each other either. However, it was more difficult to understand whether we were being sarcastic or were completely serious.

It was also easier to give her information about myself through e-mail. I imagine if we had done the interview in person there would have been a good deal of mumbling and awkward silences on my part. It was much easier to put my thoughts together and come up with thorough, specifc answers (as well as not say anything too stupid) through e-mail.

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