The Puritan Jeweller with two "L"s

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The Jeweller's Shop by Karol Wojtyla

“The jeweller examined the workmanship, weighed the ring
for a long time in his fingers and looked
into my eyes. For awhile he was reading
the date of our wedding
engraved inside the ring.
Again he looked into my eyes, put the ring on the sales…
then said: ‘this ring does not weigh anything,
the needle does not move from zero
and I cannot make it show
even a milligramme.
Your husband must be alive –
in which case neither of your rings, taken separately,
will weigh anything – only both together will register.”
My jeweller’s scales have this peculiarity
that they weigh not the metal
but man’s entire being and fate.’
Ashamed I took the ring back
And left the shop without a word
- I think, though, that he followed me with his eyes.”

What a way to run a business! I guess he thinks only widowers are allowed to sell their rings. That’s really terrible customer support. That self-righteous jeweller doesn’t have the right to judge Anna and make her feel guilty just because he doesn’t believe in divorce. He has no idea what their marriage is like and has no right to deny her the opportunity to sell the ring. She shouldn’t feel ashamed, she should feel annoyed, and then go and tell all her friends to boycott the place.

I just get an image of this uppity old man looking down his nose and waging his finger at those who are brave enough to end a loveless marriage, while giving nice, shiny rings to the ethnically homogeneous couples.

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Think metaphorically, Kayla, not just economically.

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