AP Guide to Newswriting (Ch. 9 + 10)

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The AP Guide to Newswriting (Ch. 9 + 10)

The AP Guide to Newswriting (Ch. 9 + 10) by Rene Cappon

“Somewhere in almost every story on Adm. Poindexter testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings, the adjective “pipe-puffing” surfaced, without ever achieving relevance.

A story on a woman desperately telephoning police for help notes – in the lead, no less – that her phone was “cream-colored.” What’s the difference?

In stories on court procedures, writers seem to feel compelled to describe the principals’ clothes.”

Is this the same for editorials and features? Are the specific details allowed for those? I know that straight news is about the facts and editorials are about informing, persuading, and entertaining. I'm confused about features - the structure, in particular. Are they suppose to be written in the same concise manner?

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