B1-2: Blogging Portfolio

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B1-2: Blogging Portfolio


Coverage, Timeliness: AP Guide to News Writing (Ch 5 to 7): I mentioned the power of language and commented on the danger of loaded words in Lorin Schumacher's blog.

Discussion: The Elements of Journalism (Ch 6 - 8): I talked about investigative reporting in television news, and the drama involved. In Lorin Schumacher blog, I mentioned that the text is useful in that it shows what mistakes are often made and what not to do.

Coverage, Timeliness: The Elements of Journalism (Ch 9 & 10): I talked about how newspapers evolve as a country does, and questioned the declining popularity of news in relation to the declining structure of the family. I also posted my question in Jason Pugh's blog. In Jenna OBrocto's blog, I mentioned pictures of the deceased in relation to conscious journalism.


P1: Homecoming Article: For my homecoming article, I covered the Silent Auction.

Ex 2-1b: Morgan Spurlock article: In my article “Morgan Spurlock initiates “Inspiring Perspective,” my angle was why he was chosen to speak at SHU and the solutions he proposed.

Timeliness: Ex 0-1: Entertainment/Sports Writing: I chose to cover SHU Theatre’s performance of “Fuddy Meers.” I gave a summary as well as quoted student’s reactions.

Depth, Discussion, Timeliness: Ex. 2-2: Editorial: In “New Position in Abortion Debate,” I chose to cover the new and alternative position of pro-both.

The Comment Primo:
- Jason Pugh's blog entry on The Elements of Journalism (Ch 9 & 10).

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My Wildcard are the very few ideas I have for the summer issue of the Setonian for Media Lab.

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