Elements of Journalism (Ch. 6 - 8)


The Elements of Journalism (Ch. 6 - 8)

The Elements of Journalism (Ch. 6 - 8) by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

“On television, the primary medium for news, the prime-time magazine and I-team segment have effectively replaced the documentary or any other long-form investigative reportage.”

There seems to be more investigative reporting in television news. There are I-teams, which basically consist of clips of people shouting at reporters and slamming doors in their face. It’s as if they want us to know all the hard work they had to do. In print journalism - it’s subtler. They just expose, and never say, “I investigated…” They just put it out there without pointing out their involvement.


That is an interesting observation Kayla, I never thought about that. I do have to say I agree and although I do not really enjoy reading any news, I definitely prefer news in print to TV news, and the subtlty is a reason why. I don't like the in-your-faceness and dramatic tid-bits that you get on TV. I think the idea that a news reporter is an invisable observer makes the stories more informative.

Sorry, I meant "subtlety" not "subtlty. I hate typos!

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