Ex 2-3b: Mock Crime Report


Ex 2-3b: Mock Crime Report

Local Houses Burn, Suspect Arrested

Three neighboring homes caught fire on Greasy Bacon Street Thursday night. Police arrested Romulus Lupus on three accounts of property damage and arson. The victims were three brothers, Pavel Cerdo, 42, Sebastian Cerdo, 47, and Bartholomew Cerdo, 54. The men had lived next-door to each other for years and are reported to have had similar experiences with Lupus in the past.

“He’d circle our house, waving his tire iron around, screaming at us,” said Bartholomew Cerdo. “At least, that’s how it started. He began by ripping out lawn ornaments, now it’s arson.”

“Last year he hurtled my mailbox through my dining room window, and if that’s not bad enough, he completely ruined my azaleas,” said Pavel Cerdo. “There’s just no excuse for this kind of behavior.”

Police estimate that each robbery was committed within the same hour. Reports indicate the cause of the fires were a series of Molotov cocktails that were thrown through the windows. An estimated damage of $30,000 affected the three homes.

“I don’t know what his problem is. He’s always had an unholy grudge against us,” said Sebastian Cerdo. “I mean, sure, I dated his sister a few years back and things didn’t exactly end on the best of terms. And yes, the kid looks a lot like me, but I’m just not interested.”

Neighbors reported having seen Lupus outside the homes of the three men for several hours before the arsons were reported. Several neighbors recall witnessing the harassment incidents made by Lupus, but decline coming forward to testify. A trial date has been set for Nov. 16.

“We can’t force people to testify. It’s their civic duty and if they want to ignore it, so be it,” said Police Chief William Silver. “Nevertheless, we are proceeding with the evidence we have.”


"Greasy Bacon Street" -- wow, that's not a name a real estate salesperson would love to repeat.

I love it!! The names are so clever!!

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