Glass Menagerie 2

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

ďAMANDA: Donít think about us, a mother deserted, an unmarried sister whoís crippled and has no job!Ē

Tom may have left, but he canít rid himself of feelings of guilt. The memory of his family seems to haunt him.

Jim only likes Laura because she, like Tom, remembers his high school successes. She hero-worships him and he loves admiration. Jim has a lot in common with Amanda. They both have pasts that didnít turn out as they expected, but they treasure nonetheless.

He thinks an easy cure for Lauraís insecurity would be for her to just start considering her positive qualities. He thinks public speaking courses will solve Tomís wandering mind. In the end, Jim breaks Lauraís favorite glass figurine, just as he breaks whatever progress she was making.

After Jim leaves, Amanda doesnít seem as disillusioned as she was throughout the play. She seems to realize that Tom is really going to leave, and she finally refers to Laura as being crippled.

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You brought up some really great points Kayla. I didn't think about the fact that Jim only likes Laura because she remembers his high school glory days. But, that completely makes sense because that is mentioned as the reason he gets along with Tom so well.

Except for the fact that Jim gave Laura some really good advice, I was mad at Jim by the end because I thought he was really leading Laura on. But, along with the fact that he didn't even know about Laura, this idea about him being excited that someone else remembers him as the great "hero" that he was gives some explanation as to actions towards Laura. While they are still not "right" in my mind, I do see how someone can be blinded by such things

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