Limping Man and Richard


Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay-Abaire

LIMPING MAN. Well whoopty-doo. There you have it, all wrapped up in a big red bow. (To Kenny.) You done, kid?

CLAIRE. You shouldn’t be so flip.

LIMPING MAN. But Claire, the whole point ith I’m not that perthon anymore.”

I think it’s interesting that the person Limping Man swears he’s transformed into – is Richard. Richard has reformed in every way that Limping Man thinks he has. Their difference lies in the fact that Richard prefers to confront his past and his problems, while Limping Man would rather never speak of them and promise that they’re all in the past. He needs to honestly acknowledge the terrible things he’s done before he can improve.


Yep, I definitely think this guy has issues. And you know what they always say: "the first step is admitting you have a problem!" =0)

Yeah, I can see it now...

"Hello, my name is Limping Man and I'm an abusive arsonist who's just escaped from prison."

"Hello, Limping Man!"

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