P2: Feature Article Pitch

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P2: Feature Article Pitch

P2: Feature Article Pitch

An article about CRAFT: For such a new club, it’s surprisingly well structured. I had expected to find a few people sitting around making hemp necklaces. I couldn’t believe how goal-oriented they all were. For example, they’ve only had three meetings but they’re already working on making 200 bracelets to give away at the Night on Haunted Hill. They’re also contributing to Haunted Hill by doing face painting. I’m sure they’ll have some Christmas project as well.

Moira Richardson is in charge of the group and is genuinely interested in using the club to improve SHU and the community. They’d like to sponsor other SHU activities. They’re interesting in providing donations to organizations like Campus Ministry, holding auctions of their own products to raise money for specific causes, and beautifying the campus.

I’ve only attended one meeting. Although my name is on the mailing list, I have no plans of attending future meetings (except to get quotes from other members). I also have no intention of becoming a member of the club; I have no talent in such areas and only cause destruction with anything involving yarn, beads, and especially needles.

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