The Glass Menagerie


The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

AMANDA: My callers were gentlemen – all! Among my callers were some of the most prominent young planters of the Mississippi Delta – planters and sons of planters!”

Amanda wants both Tom and Laura to have bright futures. She wants Tom’s future to include her and for him not to leave like his father did. She wants Laura’s to be independent but to also mirror her own. Both Tom and Laura are growing up, and have futures that are motivated by their mother’s guilt trips. Tom wants a future that separates himself from his family. Amanda feels that Tom has a duty to the family because his father didn’t fulfill his.

Amanda cares about Laura’s future and wants her to have gentlemen callers. She is also lonely. Her husband is gone and her old friends are dead. She wants gentlemen callers because it will remind her of her own past. She wants to live through Laura. All three characters escape reality in their own way. Laura has her own world of glass and records, Amanda has her vibrant past, and Tom has alcohol and going to the movies.


Do you think her mother is trying to make up her past through her children? I really think she is.

I agree, I think she does want bright futures for her children, but what mother doesn't? The trouble is that she has her own definition of what that future should be and she doesn't like it if they don't take the path towards that future.

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